Brittany B

 14 Nov 2018

I'm 3 sessions in thus far and I must say, that having Kesha Austin as a Life Coach is honestly a gift from a higher power. Kesha approaches our sessions in a professional manner however,  her delivery is very relatable. Speaking with Kesha, I feel like I'm talking to my diary that talks back. She is someone that I am comfortable enough to share my most private thoughts with, not be judged, and could possibly get a "storytime" from. Someone who speaks from experience and not a textbook. Although we dont have the same story she always seems to be able to get me guidance in such away that compliments my values. She is honest and realistic and that's priceless. Kesha's process and assignments are honestly showing me that my dreams really can come true and although I'm not a 100% sure of what my ultimate goals are she helps me realize that there is definitely more than one way of going about it; I just have to change my perspective. Knowing that Kesha and I sessions will not only help me in my present life but, in the future as well, I have a sense of relief.